Hotelito Desconocido

If Hotelido Desconocido is the Spanish for “Little Unknown Hotel” it is surely worth being known as it is a marvellous boutique hotel hidden in the pacific coast of Mexico at Puerto Vallarta.

Hotelito-DesconocidoThe whole location is in an ecological and protected environnement. It is what we call today an “unplugged” destination, a destination where you can disconnect from the world and your daily life.  HI131758889The staff always makes sure to light the candles in rooms as there is no electricity or internet. The lobby is the only place of the island where wifi can be used, otherwise everything is ecological, the water in the rooms are from sea.


If you are looking for a romantic escape or stress free vacation, Hotelito Desconocido is the best place to go.

 How to get there :
  1. International flight to Mexico city
  2. Domestic flight (AeroMexico) from Mexico city to Puerto Vallarta
  3. Private road transfer to Hotelito Desconocido ( Approximately 1h40)

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