The London Design Centre

The London Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour is a space dedicated to the best interior design brands of the world, it is also where design lovers, browsers can go to seek innovative inspirations, have a drink or eat. It has various events such as the London Design Week taking place each year with shows and guest speakers from the industry.


The infrastructure is large because of all the brands inside but it can be a little bit confusing with all the different wings and floors, its easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed by so many stands without a map. The colours are harmonious, mainly white with decorations made by the exhibiting designers, good lightning, music and perfume, a real sensorial experience.


To enter in the centre and assist to a show you can register online or on site. A bag with flyers, a pocket map of the building and the official “Design Centre Guide” are handed out, this guide is considered as the

“Ultimate guide to the world’s premier design destinations “.

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The interior design market is evolving and is expected to growth in he next years as the standard of living is rising such as the population, people are giving importance to home decor and seeking a way to differentiate themselves from one another through personalizations. Having a rare designed piece of decoration is more valuable than having a regular chair from the store next door. Technological innovations are made to provide more comfort with cutting edge materials and the London Design Center is the best place to seek inspiration.

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