Barcelona Premium

Barcelona Premium is a Barcelona tourism program created to position Barcelona as an exclusive travel destination and unique experience. But I want to add giving the urge to copy the first who had the idea to do something fun.

Barcelona offers a wide variety of luxury experiences, exclusive for tailor-made, designed to enjoy a city in a very personalized way, unique and different. It works quite easily, Barcelona Premium offers a neutral assistance and makes available their knowledge of the best professionals and the surprising and unusual experiences that customers enjoy authentic holidays, exclusive and full of local flavour. This means personalized visits, accommodation in unique hotels, gastronomic tastings, a wide range of commercial offers based on quality that combine innovation and local products.


Barcelona is a beautiful city. The streets and squares beat to the rhythm of a lifestyle that is the product of its privileged climate and a strategic location that has made it a meeting point for diverse cultures. The city is open and welcoming, its inhabitants have made the effort to culture the signs of their own identity and offer visitors the tasty fruits of their history and their unique personality. An accessible city, surrounded by rivers and mountains that configure a modern metropolis. Also features an extensive network of wagers and galleries from Barcelona offers an unparalleled art collection that embraces the major artistic streams. The city conceals exclusive spaces and remarkable corners to discover the richness of its architectural heritage. For every experience to be unique, Barcelona Premium offers a wide choice of hotels and apartments. Also a commercial tradition that is a great international reference, but also an offer which includes more than twenty Michelin Stars. Through transport companies that offers an exclusive service to the airport in luxury cars to travel Barcelona and travel agencies. Thanks to Barcelona Premium, you will find excellence among professionals able to take care of all the details of your trip and exclusive services to meet your expectations.


Imitation corresponds to reproducing the actions of other individuals taken as models. This cultural behaviour is of course observed in children but much more present in adults. It is common to think that it may be disadvantageous not to copy the actions of others. But that can also be an advantage. If one systematically copied the other, innovation could never appear, as could the ability to adapt to different circumstances or environmental changes.

In this case, there is a benefit for travel agencies, such as Barcelona Premium. Customers who will offer a tailor-made trip to their request will make their entourage dream, because they have been able to do all the desired activities while feeling privileged. It is thanks to the positive comments of the travellers and of course to the clichés that will post the customers on the social networks which will attract the curiosity and the envy of the others. This will trigger the desire to do the same thing as friends, neighbours, family, etc.


To conclude, the link between Barcelona Premium and imitating is pretty clear because to go to Barcelona think to the agency gives the desire to copy the same trip and also gives them to do like those who did it. 

Manon Lenoble 

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