Ferrer y Saret: A business about emotions

We’ve been told today during our visit at Ferrer y Saret in Barcelona that: “In the end, what we remember are the emotions that come with an experience”. And this is exactly the aim of this luxury travel agency. 


There are plenty of amazing destinations around the world with very nice hotels and very nice restaurants, which you can easily find on Google, so why would you need a travel agency to take care of that? Well, it is simple Ferrer y Saret, with its more than 30 years of expertize, does everything to create customized experiences in order to make each travel unique and unforgettable. It is funny because before today, if someone had told me to think about what a travel agency was, the first image in my head would have been the one of Nia Vardalos in “My big fat greek wedding”, in a lousy office looking a bit desperate. But after today’s visit, and perhaps last week’s ones as well with the Barcelona Premium and the Catalunya Turism managers, I realized how much more there is about it. And it actually made me realize that I would probably really enjoy working in such an agency, even though I always dreamed of becoming an event manager. 


When I heard about the fabulous trip Ferrer y Saret just organized for Cartier’s annual gathering, I was just literally thrilled as if I could have joined them in their experience. And then I realized that there was just so much more than the hotels and the transports and the restaurant in organizing something like this. The experience has to become a source of inspiration and of course emotions for Cartier’s employees. And surely they will remember Sitges, the beautiful location, and the beautiful hotel but probably they will also be touched more profoundly. And to do so Ferrer y Saret included in the pack a bunch of customized activities, closely thought about, to be in line with Cartier’s values. 


All this kind of logistic and taking care of each little detail has always been what attracted me the most in events and their organization. I had just never realized how these two worlds are strictly linked and seriously this just blew my mind. And the little plus is that I am quite a traveler myself, I love to discover new places and to connect with different people, and who knows maybe this passion of mine will turn out to be useful for my future job. As I love to repeat to myself:

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Hey guys, maybe this is it ! Making people feel something incredible and unique through perfect travel experiences.  I’ll let you know 10 years from now if this worked out well !

Sofia Aktipis


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