Cavas Gramona

The vineyards of « Cavas Gramona », in Sant Sadurni Anoia (40km from Barcelona) is a winemaking family that continues for five generations to create their cavas (Spanish sparkling white wine), by highlighting their experiences and their humility, which for them is their greatest asset.


Today, the personality of a new generation of Gramonas allows to shape wines by focusing on the quality rather than the quantity. That is why they realize the process of wine making from the beginning to the end, starting by handpicking their grapes.

Positioning itself as a « Betha » company, contrary to Frexeinet, who occupies a large part of the Catalan market, the family didn’t hesitate to specialize in a excellent and reliable strategy to their consumers. And it is partially for it that they decided to hire exclusively wine experts as well as conceiving it to offer to the consumers and/or the visitors tailored tours.


Indeed, a usual visit of the vineyard takes approximately three hours and is made in small groups for better explanations. Their hosts can, also, decide to do it walking or by car (what we did).

This company, which has a very good reputation on its market, has however a major challenge to overcome every day. Indeed, many people prefer to buy cava because they say that it is the « cheap » version of Champagne.
« Cavas Gramona » would want to change this way of thinking in order to make consumers understand that their wines (sparkling or not) are as authentic as Champagne.


Almost 70% of their consumers are Catalan. For the remaining 30%, 15% of their wines are exported in the rest of Spain and 15% in the rest of the world (the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.). China, however, not on the list of the exports, manages to create counterfeits almost identical to the original bottles; this leads to bad publicity for the brand because their version is not a good quality, and the consumers can’t  spot the difference between the real and the fake.

One million bottles are sold by « Gramona » every year. They are divided between half a million Cavas (more than 10 different bottles, including a special collection reserved for art) and one half million wine. Their wines are mainly white but they also have a red one (which we unfortunately did not have the opportunity to taste during the tour). 

However, at the end of the visit, we had the chance to taste 4 different wines: two cavas (Imperial 2012 Brut Gran Reserva and III Lustros 2010 Brut Nature Gran Reserva) and two white wines (Gessami Ecologic 2017 and Vi de Glass Xarel.lo 2016).

From my personal point of view, we were lucky enough to be welcomed as kings and queens! The tour was clear and funny, while giving us the necessary informations in order to understand at best how a company like theirs works as well as the theory (how to create wine – from A to Z).

We started our visit with a tour of the vineyard by convertible car, a small explanation on vineyards as well as on the farm (that we saw from afar). First we went to the production workshop of wine, later we saw the cellars and we finished in style with the wine tasting!


It is true that we « inexperienced and uninformed consumers » have the bad idea to believe that the name of the company is almost more important than the quality of its products and services. Thanks to this experience, it made me realize the importance of true values and the authenticity of the offers.

Expectations of luxury and/or premium consumers evolve from day to day and the « Gramona » company understands it. By favouriting a very selective and reduced distribution channel (only in e-shop and at some specialized wine shops) as well as a positioning very far from the « mass market », the customer experience will only get more successful!

Mendy Libermensz

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