The super yacht show

The perfume of the sea hit me from the moment I got out from the metro station, walking towards the One Ocean Club the sound of the sea hidden behind the joyful voices of morning tourist accompanied me, sunbeams lightly touching my skin as a good omen for the day.

Hosted by the One Ocean Club, symbol of the luxury world, the Super Yacht Show impersonated the universe of uniqueness and elite.


Adventuring among these colossal pieces of art I felt a little bit tiny, the rafinatesse of these marine monsters, massive but gracious, was intimidating.

The super yachts were towering over us, looking our every movement, calling us like sirens, looking for our hidden desires of being part of this elite, to feel special and unique.

Letting us dream about the freedom of reaching unknown lands with all the comforts, be in new adventures.

Letting my imagination slip through my rational sense of probably never being able to afford such a luxurious item I wondered how I would want my super yacht to be, the designs, the services what kind of experience I would like to live and when I came back to the awareness of how beautiful dreams are, and where with only our mind we can go, it was time to leave. 

The sun gently giving its place to the moon irradiating the One Ocean Club with golden and red reflections and the sound of the sea waving us goodbye.

Camille Legros

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