La Roca Village

La Roca Village is one of the Collection of nine Shopping Villages. 

Value Retail was created in 1992 and is the creator and operator of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, a unique concept in outlet shopping. As developer and operator of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages, Value Retail is the only company to specialize exclusively in the development and operation of shopping villages. Home to more than 900 boutiques of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands, the Collection offers an unrivalled luxury shopping experience for discerning shoppers in Europe. 


World-leading brands offer their authentic previous seasons’ collections with savings of up to 60%, and sometimes more, on the recommended retail price, in their own premiumly appointed boutiques, all year round.

Located about 45 minutes from Barcelona La Roca village is a tourist shopping destination that welcome about 4.5 Million people each year. Their guest includes visitors from China, the Middle and South East as well as South America. In 2016, 40% of their sale was generated by guests from China and 14% was generated by guests from the Middle East.


Everything is calculated to the millimetre, whether in the choice of the decoration, stores or restaurants. A careful combination of scale, design, materials, amenities, landscaping and merchandising in the village creates an intimate and relaxed shopping experience.

Their goal is to reach a target of customers who can afford to buy luxury goods, even if these shopping villages are considered as outlet they do everything not to look like it.

They introduce new brands to their guests such as Ba&sh, a french premium brand which is for the the very first time in the village. They also set up pop-up boutiques and temporary boutiques to keep the brand mix fresh and enticing.

Their priority is to focus on the experience, customers are not considered as customers but as guests. To provide a unique experience, many paid services are available to them such as : Personal shopping, valet parking, VIP lounges and many others.

I was very surprised when I arrived at La Roca village, but in a good way. The decoration, the facades and the atmosphere reminded me of the small Provencal villages of South of France. 

Brands are featured in elegant boutiques with the quality of product, ambiance and guest services reflecting the brands’ own positioning.

Every detail is thought, it was a real pleasure to admire the beauty and tranquility of this place. 


What a pleasure to be able to enter in a luxury shop such as Versace or Dolce Gabbana without feeling  stared by the salesman as if you were coming from another planet ! The welcoming is warm and all the staff answers to your questions with great pleasure and interest.

Prices are very attractive, we can find discounts up to -80% depending on the brands. La Roca village is a very good experience but it is necessary to specify that even if it is an shopping outlet, prices remain high, and in order not to be disappointed we must not forget that it is premium and luxury products.

Irena Benoit 

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