Santa Eulalia : Luxury shopping temple

32978796_10216463478605374_3665340565173567488_nOne of the most beautiful shops I visited at Passeig de Gracia is Santa Eulalia. This brand located in Barcelona since 1843 is famous for its tailor made suits, but also sells prêt-a-porter fashion collections for both men and women.

With brands like Celine, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Mulberry, Lanvin, Moncler, Proenza Shoulder, Stella McCartney and many other international and local designers, Santa Eulalia is one of the top boutiques to visit. A veritable institution and a not to be missed destination for the serious fashionistas and aspiring trendsetters.


Their flagship store on the Passeig de Gràcia was sumptuously redesigned by William Sofield in 2011, who incorporated original elements such as the impressive oak staircase, and added an exquisite Bistrot with a terrace, where you can  join the perfectly groomed locals over a coffee, savor delights when the weather allows it,  and sometimes for some private events.


Santa Eulalia proposes a large range of clothing, accessories, shoes and perfumes made by more than sixty of the most famous designers and perfumers in the world but, the boutique also has its own line of fragrances inspired by Barcelona. 


The prestigious tailoring workshop visible at the men section of the boutique is one of the most antique of Spain. Frequented by international figures of various fields, it satisfies the wills of the most demanding and elegant customers with a great savoir-faire. The boutique proposes men clothing and accessories made by more than 50 renowned designers. 


A Santa Eulalia suit is the result of many hours of work by a team dedicated to give their best to make the customer’s dream come true. The tailors work in front of you so you can see every step of the creation of such masterpieces. Reveal your personality by choosing the fabrics, the style, and the cut of your suit with the help and advice of kind professionals dedicated to your desires.

My personal opinion is that with all the brands, the perfect staff, the dressing rooms so big that you could dance inside them and the luxurious products and atmosphere, makes a visit to this shop an unique experience.

A selection of the best in the world of fashion, creating a cosy space where each detail count, and providing clients with top quality service, I felt like a little princess wandering inside the shop.

Even if you can’t afford anything (I was surprised about some affordable items though), the shop gives you access to The Bistrot, with a rooftop terrace which is worth a visit.

The decoration is minimal and tasteful with a touch of opulence within the selection of clothes and brands. With such a nice team at your service, it is the ideal place to spend quality time and shopping alone or with your friends. 


In the end, the concept of luxury, expressed through old money, new money, no money, the vastly different things that make one feel luxurious and entitled to luxury also act as windows into an array of complicated human qualities, whether buying luxury for vanity or humility, aspiration or affirmation, that’s what makes it so vital and desirable.

Luxury is what rewards us individually for who we are.

Address: Passeig de Gràcia 93, 08008
Contact: 00 34 93 215 06 74
Getting there: Metro Diagonal
Opening times: Mon-Sat, 10am-8.30pm


Elodie Réhaut

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