Alqvimia, much more than cosmetic products

For all those who have learned Latin when they were young, the phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano“ is already seen. For others, it simply means “A healthy mind in a healthy body“. It is a bit like what Alqvimia seeks to represent.

Philosopher, Idili Lizcano was already passionate about perfumery during his childhood in Paris. He discovered and then plunged into the world of perfumery and alchemy, two sciences that he tried to correlate since the creation of his company, Alqvimia, in 1984. The story of Alqvimia begins simply with the passion of its founder for beauty, nature, plants and flowers. 


This is the birth of Alqvimia whose headquarters, academy and factories are in Spain, in the heart of the Pyrenees and Catalonia, near Girona. 

First of all, what does the word Alqvimia mean? It means the internal transmutation of a human being. It is, therefore, a transformation of the mind, a transformation of the soul. “Alqvimia base is alchemy. Alchemy is the union between mystical knowledge and experimental scientific method. Science and spirituality go together.”

Idili Lizcano said: “We can’t create superficial beauty, we can’t create insignificant beauty. Because we can’t ignore that everything is connected, interrelated; the body, health, beauty, the world, life itself. Alqvimia believes profoundly in this connectio and our need to take care of it

The mission that this entrepreneur gave to himself? Transform the world and transform beauty into light through his products. And that thanks to the five important values around which Alqvimia was built and grew up: feminine energy, art, creativity, generosity and love. 

The pillars around which his company gravitates are: health, alchemy, 100% natural cosmetics, feminine energy and a human scale economy. And as they said, they work to achieve well-being at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, merging with nature. The concept of nature is one of the most important concepts. They evolve in a society that they try to make as ethical and as sustainable as possible. 

Why these concepts, pillars and values? To transform ourselves with the feminine wisdom guidance in the aim of a healthier “Me, a healthier World“.

Their products, perfumes and cosmetics are all created with essential oils 100% natural. They find their raw material in the best possible places in the world: Vanilla from Tahiti, Burgarian Rose, Cumin from Egypt, Cardamom from India, and many others. Then, they mix them in their factories in Spain.

These flowers essences are used for the purpose of bringing to the woman and the man a natural balance, a balance between Yin and Yang, trust in themselves, youth and beauty.

All their products are governed by the same idea and the same research: Transformation and absolute beauty. There are several ranges in their cosmetics: Femininity, products for men, eternal youth, essentially beautiful, queen of Egypt, body sculptor and essential oils.33117470_10156232100639277_7522458957781139456_nIn their spas you can enjoy special treatments adapted to your needs. A doctor is available in each spa for a private consultation in order to make a diagnosis of your state of health and biological age and to allow you to know what is best for each customer.


Where to find Alqvimia? They are present in more than 20 countries and you can find them in their stores and spas, in some hotels & resorts, in professional boutiques, etc. All points of sale are indicated on their website.

Alqvimia is much more than a 100% natural cosmetic line, more than a shop or a spa, it is the art of the experimentation of a personal inner balance, a discovery and a transformation of the true self.



Thaïs Misonne

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