El Palace: a hotel full of history

Part of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World’s group, El Palace is Located in the heart of Barcelona in Eixample district. 

This 5-star hotel stands out by its giants doors decorated with big red curtains and gold as a main entrance. From the outside, it may seem intimating at first sight with the doormen in uniforms and white gloves, but of course the staff is always welcoming and ready to help.34748221_10216611150297074_7832380589519929344_n

The interior is a lavish, opulent and elegant classic style, it used to be called « Hotel Ritz » until 12 years ago, only the big « HR » initials standing for « Hotel Ritz » remain and can be found engraved on the doors.



The fun fact is, that the hotel is such an iconic place full of history linked directly with its creator Cesar Ritz, that locals and especially the taxi drivers still refer to it as « the former Ritz »  or « The old Ritz »  when asked to drive to El Palace.

The hotel is renowned worldwide and has guests from all over the world especially from The United States, Middle east and Europe. It has hosted many renowned figures throughout the last century such as Salvador Dali, Josephine Baker, John Wayne, Woody Allen and even Whitney Houston. The thing they have in common is that they were all praised artists.

Indeed, El Palace is a chic place to relax in the heart of the vibrant city of Barcelona, it has the Mayan Spa which earned numerous prizes including Best Spa in the World but it is also the only hotel to pay tribute to artists who influenced the history of the hotel since its creation. 



Indeed among its 120 rooms, 6 signature art suites with of course art as a general theme are named after iconic artists who influenced the world, but who were also at some point of history, guests at the hotel. Among them: Cesar Ritz, Josephine Baker, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Miró, and Ronnie Wood.

We had the opportunity to visit the Ronnie Wood suite, known for being part of the Rolling Stones rock’n’roll group as the guitarist, Ronnie Wood is also an art lover and loves painting.



All the suite is indeed decorated with paintings made by himself. In the room can be found a big vintage jukebox and some Rolling Stones vinyls.



Ronnie Wood also played in the discreet and cosy salon named Bluesman where you can have tea at afternoon and enjoy live music shows and cocktails at night.



Finally, do not forget to visit the beautiful rooftop terrace with its luxurious garden of 1500m2, probably the largest yet most exclusive in town, including a restaurant, bar, pool and offering a 360°view of Barcelona.



From the Sagrada Família, down to the sea and up to the mountains, you can see it all while sipping some cocktails, enjoying the music and the sun.

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