Tailor made travel agencies

The luxury industry is wide and growing fast, from fashion to jewellery and gastronomy to hospitality and so on, it is a sector where every detail count and where excellence and savoir-faire are keys.


After the article explaining the value of having luxury outlet villages, this article will explain the services that tailor made travel agency can offer.

First of all, a tailor made travel agency is an agency that designs original travels all around the world for businesses or individuals seeking more than just a simple travel destination, they want a unique or a lifetime experience based on their personal tastes.


Indeed, more than a simple travel agency that only books flights and hotels, the made to measure travel agency stays in touch with the clients during his stay, creates original events, activities and provides other services such as a private chauffeur or a guide according to the journey to ensure a smooth functioning of the trip.


This is the kind of services that the world renowned Scott Dunn or family owned Ferrer y Saret offers  to its exclusive clients, it is indeed about emotions, their motto is “The Art of travel” and indeed arts creates emotion.

Nowadays we witness not only one type of luxury, as it was before opulent and only for the upper class, but several types of luxuries as it has been democratized throughout time and doesn’t rely on social classes anymore.


Now it revolves more around the individual and self discovery, each person has his own perception of what luxury is. It could be time, love, material satisfaction or even climbing on a mountain for meditation and introspection, each of these luxuries aim to reach personal happiness and joy. 

From opulence to minimalism, one of the new luxuries people tend to focus on now is physical health, appearance and how to remain young and look healthy, it is about taking care of oneself in an unapologetically narcissistic society, traveling is one of the many ways to achieve it.

«You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body » said the roman poet Juvenal 

Knowing the increasing number of burnouts and stress related to the workplace in our society. This sentence is still very accurate nowadays as it reveals that physical and mental health are in fact the supreme luxury and that not everybody has the time nor the funds to leave on stress free vacations whenever they want.


The richer you are the more you can afford a « Fare niente » life or « La dolce vita » in exotic places of the world without being worried about anything. Hiring a made to measure travel agency is also one of the advantage of it, no need to worry about anything!

A bespoke travel agency will not only create trips for you, they will also seek new trends in the industry and anticipate your needs according to you personal taste. Some prefer the mountains, others the big cities while others the beach.

Travelling is about discovering new cultures, new experiences, finding our inner self and taking care of oneself, it is a way to escape from the daily life and responsibilities. Among the new emerging travel destinations trends are cosmetic and plastic surgery tourism but also silence tourism, which is an unplugged travel with no electronic devices or gadgets, but only nature. 

What makes the difference between booking a travel from a made to measure travel agency rather than any other random travel agency? 

Here is an example : For a gourmet and travel enthusiast, it is great to have a table at the most renowned Michelin starred restaurant in New York city, but having a private cooking class with the chef of this same Michelin starred restaurant is much greater, this is the kind of activities that the agency can provide.


Luxury is in the personalization of the service, the opposite of mainstream, if everybody can have access to it, then it is no longer prestigious.

The objective of those companies is to provide emotions of uniqueness in a world of mass consumption.

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