YSBCN, offering way more than yachts sales

Barcelona is synonym of tourism, and more and more of luxury tourism. Luxury tourism34157299_10214452507099143_4201634847749308416_n is what you have read on the previous articles: hotels, shopping, conciergerie, restoration, events and so on. In Barcelona yachts are also a big part of this luxury tourism. 

I had the opportunity to have an interview with Sergio Ravenet Huveneers the yacht manager of Yacht Sales Barcelona. The company offers yachts for sale in the Barcelona area but also additional support like legal services, registration, customs and delivery.

The company manages the yacht for the owners. As they are not on board all season it’s more interesting for them to entrust it between the hands of a specialist. The manager will take care of the rental of the yacht, the maintenance, the cleaning, the crew management, the berth administration, all those annoying things you don’t want to take care of when you own a yacht. 

I will focus more in this article on the charter side of the company.

They are specializing in day trip around the Barcelona bay (Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca and Sitges).


Why only day trip and not long duration in order to stay in the different islands of the Baleares you will ask me ? Because of the high price of the berth. 

What’s a berth ? A berth is a place for a yacht to stay in a port. And the prices vary according to the marinas. For example a berth for a super yacht in Ibiza is 100 000€/month for 3 months while a berth in Barcelona is 50 000€/month for a year. This is how Barcelona became one of the hottest spot for yachts. Prices are lower than other places in the Mediterranean and in the same time you are close to everything allowing amazing cruises.  


As the company is doing mainly day trips they don’t need any Yacht Services agency to help them creating the perfect trip and provide everything the client wants. They already know perfectly the market, and are able to do everything by themselves. Starting also with the fact that Mr. Huveneers is a captain, as he knows boats by heart he’s therefore able to handle any kind of situation.



Lauranne Blanc


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