El Palace

During the visit at El Palace, a strong figure of the luxury hotel in Barcelona, we discovered the identity of El Palace, its history, its personality, its originality. Indeed, more than a hotel, for me El Palace is a person.
This « person » is projecting the client in another dimension , another atmosphere, where modern is mixed with tradition. It is a jewel at the heart of Barcelona.


The rooftop terrace and the Bluesman club/speak-easy are the most amazing aspect of the hotel. The restaurant as a strong personality too as much as the main entrance of El Palace where you do not know where to look first, as the place is phenomenal in term of height, magnificent, decoration, character. I think this is what qualify the most El Palace, it has various personalities, where everybody can find his own place and feel comfortable, mixed all together to create a perfect harmony.

34708734_10216611148337025_4256524108885393408_nThe establishment is lucky to have such a great team that know how to make it talk to the client and show off the wonders with which its abounds. They combine modernity, development and respect for traditions, and period refinement. What I particularly enjoy is the consciousness of the manager about how impressive can be the hotel, and how client and potential client do not feel so confident sometimes. And this dynamic team is persevering in the communication strategy to speak with new customers and make “accessible” such a monument while maintaining the dream of El Palace.


I invite them to continue this communication in a luxurious playful way and by using a lot the Bluesman club as a precious weapon. 


Margaux Marin

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