The automotive franchise market

When it comes to luxury, the car sector is not always the one that comes to mind.  Although it is a booming market, which produces tens of billions of euros in revenue each year. We had the opportunity to visit a Land Rover & Jaguar franchise : Land Motors, to gain a better understanding of this […]

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Rilke – Catalan cuisine

Rilke gastronomic restaurant is located in Barcelona’s Eixample district. At first glance it is hard to find, located on the first floor of a building, you must ring the bell so that they can open the door for you. As you climb the stairs, you arrive in a luxurious apartment, mixing vintage and modernity. The walls […]

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Yotel : A technological innovation

Are you a fan of electronic gadget and always down for new experience? A globe trotter or a travel enthusiast that cares for a luxurious comfort at an affordable price? Discover Yotel a completely new kind of affordable luxury hotel. Launched in 2003 and already a success, it is located near city centres, perfect if […]

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